Illuminate & Contour Set

NOW 2 IN 1!

Now Contouring and Strobing become even simpler for you thanks to the new Illuminate – Contour Set – a powder in a special form that enables you to add shade or light for sheer glow to your face, using one product only!

Contouring - Strobing

Contouring/Strobing are techniques toying with light and shadow. We use light on areas we wish to bring out/illuminate and shadow (dark color) on areas where we want to add contouring. Contouring This technique adds light or shadow using dark and light shades of foundation or powder. In other words, we sculpt and bring out the face’s anatomy. Strobing This technique is used to highlight the luminous areas of the face, adding to the overall radiance.

Gluten Free

Using the right brushes,
you become your own make-up artist

Illuminate and add shade to the right areas

Fade well to achieve an even result