Beauty Essentials

Small beauty tips and secrets to make you beautiful, every minute of the day, every day!

Eye brow area

The color of your eye brows should match the color of your hair. In general, however, the color of your brows should not be darker than the color of your hair. Use a brow pencil from the Long Stay Eyebrow Pencil line, to give your eyebrows the perfect shape.

For a discreet, softer look and in order to avoid a tattooed eyebrow result, lightly smudge the brow pencil on the brush attached to the lid and then comb your brows in light, upward strokes.

Eye liner

Applying eyeliner can be made easy, even for beginners, by creating a dotted line all along the lash line and then using eye liner to join the dots and form an outline of the eye.

Another way to apply eye liner is to start from the center of the eye and draw a line directly along the lash line, towards the outer corner of the eye, finishing in a slightly upward stroke. Then, place the brush tip in the inner corner of the eye and draw a line along the eye lid, extending it to the center of the lid from the point where you started.

You can also try applying eye liner and mascara to the upper lid only, directly along the lash line. This is especially flattering for women who have fine lines in the area under their eyes.

If you like exquisite colors in eye liner, but don’t manage to find them easily, you can create the colors you like on your own, using eye shadow in powder form. You’ll be amazed at the results. Simply place Gel Base Fix along the upper lid in a fine line, like eye liner. Then, apply the color of your choice from Sparkling Eye Shadow on top. In this way, you can achieve eyeliner in the color you desire.

Droopy eyes

If you have droopy eyes, try highlighting the outer corner of the eyes and then applying multiple coats of mascara to the upper lashes. In this way, you can manage to lift droopy, down-turned eyes, giving them an upward look.

Deep-set eyes

If you have deep-set eyes, you should always use light-colored, luminous eye shadow. In this way, you can highlight the upper lid and make it stand out, bringing out your eyes and eliminating the impression of deep-set eyes. Apply a light-colored eye shadow to the first third of your eye lid and an even lighter one on the center of the lid. Use a darker shade on the outer part of the lid, highlighting the outer corner of the eye. With deep-set eyes, you should avoid using heavy, dark eye liner.


Mascara in a brown shade gives make-up a more subtle look. That’s why it’s preferably used only for very light make-up, or for blonde eye lashes that we want to accentuate and define, in a natural way.


For a more glamorous look, after applying mascara, use the special product Gel Fix on the tips of your eye lashes, or along the lower lashes and then place a small amount of the Glitter of your choice over it. You’ll be amazed at the results.

You’ve completed your make-up, but want to give it that extra touch. There is a way! Using Gel Fix, create a fine line along the upper or lower lashes and then, with the help of a very fine brush, take a small amount of the Glitter of your choice and gently pat it onto the line you have created. Amazing!

For a truly impressive make-up result, the new star-shaped Glitter is all you need, to transform you into the star of the night. With the help of Gel Fix, take one star at a time and place it on the parts of the face you want to highlight. We suggest along the top of the eye brows, over the cheekbones, on the outer corner of the eye, or even on the side of the nose, like a nose ring.


For extra radiance around the eyes, apply Highlights, gently patting on over the eye shadow you have already applied. Pearl particles in remarkable shades, in the inner corner of the eye, or even on the whole upper lid. You can create a very special, sparkling, new color. Just try it!

With Highlights you can now transform a matte-shaded blush color, giving it a dazzling pearly shimmer, ideal for your evening looks.


For a more refreshed, radiant look use a white or beige pencil to line the eyes inside. In this way, the white of the eyes will appear much brighter and clearer.

For a more intense, bold look, use a dark-colored pencil to line the eyes inside. Then, using the same pencil, highlight the outer corner of the eye, extending it slightly upwards and smudge with a brush, for a more even, natural-looking finish.