Beauty Essentials

Small beauty tips and secrets to make you beautiful, every minute of the day, every day!

Choosing the right make-up shade

To choose the right make-up shade, apply a small amount of make-up to a corner of your face, on the side of your chin, or at the base of your throat. You should, however, never try make-up on your hand, as the shade of the skin-tone on your hand is different to that of your face.

Applying make-up

After choosing make-up in a shade that matches your skin tone, place a small amount on the top of your hand and from there, using a small cosmetic sponge, take a little at a time, smoothing it evenly over your face.

Make-up should always be applied in downward strokes, especially in the area near the ears, to blend in well and minimize the appearance of fine hair.

TIME PLUS make-up can also be used in the eye contour area, as it is an advanced-technology, light-textured make-up that won’t weigh skin down in the delicate area around the eyes. In this way, you can achieve a smooth, even-toned complexion and minimize the appearance of dark, under-eye circles.

Make sure to blend the make-up well towards the neck, for a uniform, seamless finish.

Coverage of dark under eye circles

The more intense the dark circles under the eyes are, the darker shade of concealer you need to use. Light-colored concealer applied over dark circles will result in grey-looking skin. Shade No 8 is suitable for intense dark circles and darker skin tones in general, while shade No 7 is ideal for normal dark circles, or fair-toned skin with intense dark circles. To give your make-up a brighter, more luminous look, try using a light-colored concealer, applying a thin layer, over a darker one.

Radiant, luminous make-up

For a beautiful, radiant complexion and a brilliant make-up result, use a luminous concealer like Seventeen’s No 6, or an illuminating face powder with pearls, or a combination of both, for an ultra-radiant, luminous finish. Start from the area around your eyes. Apply over the cheekbones, but also to the temples, the eye contour area and to any other part of your face you wish to highlight or brighten.

Pimples or red skin marks

No. 18 is a corrective color – green – that can be used prior to make-up, to cover any pimples or red marks your skin may have.

Long-lasting, matte finish

Use face powder in loose or compact form to give your make-up a flawless, long-lasting, matte finish that stays fresh-looking throughout the day.

Sun-kissed look

To create a beautiful, sun-kissed look, or to highlight the tan you already have, apply terracotta face powder in compact or loose form to the parts of the face that tan naturally. Apply the face powder with the help of a thick powder brush, highlighting the cheekbones, the centre of the forehead and the nose and then, using the remaining powder on the brush, sweep over the neck and décolleté.

Concealing expression lines

Start by blending make-up over the whole face, as well as to the area around the eyes. In this way you can achieve even-toned skin and visibly diminish the appearance of dark circles, without highlighting fine expression lines. Continue with concealer, applying it only to the inner corner of the eye, the sides of the nose and the upper lid, avoiding the areas with fine lines.

Applying blush color

If you have a round face, apply blush color starting from the "apples" of your cheeks and moving towards the temples, in upward strokes. For a long-shaped or oval face, apply blush color to the “apples” of the cheeks and continue, in vertical strokes, towards the ears.